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How do I use Nix Mouthwash sustainable refills?  
Just pour the refill vials into the 9oz Nix bottle, fill with water, then shake!

How do subscriptions work? 
A first time purchase will come with a pre-filled 9oz bottle of Nix Mouthwash and 2 refill vials of mouthwash crystals. Then every 2 months, you will receive 3 refill vials.

How is Nix eco-friendly?  
Our refill vials are made of glass and cork. Our shipping packaging is made of 100% recyclable material. The 9oz Nix bottle, while plastic, is meant to be reused with the refills, but you can of course use your own container if you prefer!

What's wrong with commercial mouthwashes?
Commercial mouthwashes contain chemicals, alcohol, synthetic additives and preservatives.  Some of these ingredients are added to extend the shelf life and to maintain the taste consistency of the mouthwash. Unfortunately, some of these ingredients can be harmful, and can even cause oral cancer.

How long does Nix Mouthwash last?
We recommend finishing Nix Mouthwash within 3 months. Store away from sunlight, heat and keep tightly capped. Due to the natural ingredients, it is normal for the flavor to change slightly overtime.



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