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What's wrong with commercial mouthwashes?
Commercial mouthwashes contain chemicals, alcohol, synthetic additives and preservatives.  Some of these ingredients are added to extend the shelf life and to maintain the taste consistency of the mouthwash. Unfortunately, some of these ingredients can be harmful, and can even cause oral cancer.

If your teeth feel brittle and sensitive after using mouthwash, that means your enamel is being eroded by the acidity of the mouthwash.

What's wrong with most so-called "natural" mouthwashes?
Many so-called "natural" mouthwashes still contain chemicals, synthetic additives and preservatives for the same reason as above: to extend shelf life and maintain taste consistency. No truly natural product tastes the same 100% of the time due to the variability of Mother Nature (temperature, seasonality, soil, etc.) and it's rare for natural products to last long after being opened. Read the labels carefully.

How long does Nix Mouthwash last?
We recommend finishing Nix Mouthwash within 1 month of opening. Store away from sunlight, heat and keep tightly capped. Due to our natural ingredients, overtime the flavor may change slightly and the appearance may become cloudy, but the effectiveness of the mouthwash should remain.




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